An unfortunate lightning strike caused a fire at our KTUF transmitter site on April 17, 2013. 
The damage  took us off the air. Our engineers got us back up the next night on a temporary low power transmitter. Repairs are ongoing to replace all equipment. Here are some photos of our progress.
KTUF transmitter fire and ongoing repairs
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fire4web.jpg (99072 bytes) fire5web.jpg (143914 bytes) firepad1web.jpg (228510 bytes)
Fire damage in old transmitter building
fireportable2web.jpg (145741 bytes) fireportableweb.jpg (232458 bytes) firepad2web.jpg (275894 bytes)
Portable building housing our temporary transmitter and equipment
firecrane1web.jpg (141462 bytes)  firecrane2web.jpg (139289 bytes) firecrane3web.jpg (146824 bytes)
Large crane arrives to set our new transmitter building

















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firenewbuilding1web.jpg (146128 bytes) firenewbuilding2web.jpg (123138 bytes) firenewbuilding3web.jpg (177696 bytes)
New transmitter building in place
firexmtr1web.jpg (127692 bytes)
One of our new transmitters